Bucket Toilet

Luggable Loo Bucket Toilet

Luggable Loo Bucket Toilet

The Luggable Loo Bucket Toilet by Reliance is a great option for a super simple camping toilet. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on portable camping toilets but want something that will be simple and functional, this is a great option. It has excellent reviews, and it has a few features [...]

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Hassock Portable Camping Toilets

Hassock Portable Camping Toilets

Hassock Portable Camping Toilets are great if you want a high-quality but simple toilet to take on your camping or boating trip. They are a bucket-style toilet without a flush mechanism, but they feature a separate lid and a toilet paper holder, as well as a contoured seat that’s more comfortable than what you’ll find [...]

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Reliance Bucket Toilet Seat Cover

Reliance Bucket Toilet Seat Cover

The Reliance Bucket Toilet Seat Cover is a very affordable option if you want to create your own seat for portable camping toilets. Affectionately named the “Luggable Loo Seat Cover”, this portable toilet seat is easy to pop onto any standard sized 5-gallon bucket, and then you can just create your own toilet. It’s easy [...]

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Reliance Hunter'S Loo Bucket Toilet

Reliance Hunter’s Loo Bucket Toilet

The Reliance Hunter’s Loo Bucket Toilet is an economical option among portable camping toilets. It’s camouflaged so it will blend in with the rest of your hunting site, and it doesn’t have any frills involved. The toilet doesn’t flush, but that just means that it doesn’t involve water that you need to add to a [...]

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The bucket toilet is the most simple and basic portable toilet option available for campers today. Who doesn't love the outdoors, and the beauty and peacefulness that only Mother Nature can provide. Unfortunately there also come a few inconveniences of the outdoors - particularly for lengthy stays and camping trips with families and children. Since there are rarely bathrooms available at most camping locations, (and the ones that are available are generally bacteria-ridden cesspools) more and more outdoor enthusiasts are turning to their own solutions for the most basic of human sanitation needs. There are a couple standard portable camping toilet types. The most basic is the bucket toilet.

The bucket toilet is the "Keep-it-simple" portable camping toilet solution. Most consist of nothing more than a bucket and a seat. Some of the more 'feature-rich' models also include a handle and a lid. Compared to other models of portable camping toilets, the bucket toilet is by far the easiest to use. They are also quite affordable, particularly when compared to flushable camping toilets. The only real issue with them is their size. Bucket toilets do not fold down like some alternatives and therefore are not the most compact camping toilets. This however, is a minor compromise unless you are backpacking where size & weight are your biggest concerns.

The Bucket Toilet - Maintenance Free Portable Camping Toilets

While there is no shortage of portable camping toilets on the market, if you are looking for a camping toilet that will require almost no maintenance, then the bucket toilet is the right choice for you. These are the only type of portable camping toilets that do not have any moving parts that may fail to function. For this reason, other than cleaning, there is virtually no maintenance required. Most of these models can also be used with plastic liners and disposable toilet bags so there is virtually no need for cleaning.

The Pros

  • A bucket toilet offers durable design and is simple, suitable for rigorous travel.
  • Light weight when compared to portable flush toilets
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • When disposable liners are used, there will be no need for cleaning.
  • Affordable price
  • Can also be used at home as an emergency or backup toilet
  • Suitable for camp sites

The Cons

  • Bucket toilet is bulkier when compared to the folding toilets
  • They are not as stable on uneven ground when compared to other styles.
  • Not a suitable option for hiking
  • Limited height may pose problem for those with bad knees.