Biobag Folding Toilet

Biobag Folding Toilet

The Biobag Folding Toilet is one of the easiest to use camping toilets, and it’s very sturdy. One thing that makes it different from similar options is that it’s a little taller, which makes it more comfortable to use if you’re a bit taller. The toilet is meant to be used with specialized BioBags, which are biodegradable and compostable. In a compost environment, the bags will process human waste into humus within forty days. Of course, this toilet can be used with other waste bags, as well, which work just fine.

Features of the Biobag Folding Toilet

The Biobag Folding Toilet features a six-leg design that makes it extra stable and sturdy. This makes it a little more complicated to set up than some other similar toilets, but it is sturdier than other options. The toilet also features a taller profile than some other portable camping toilets, which makes it more comfortable to use. Another thing to note about this toilet is that it weighs just four pounds, which makes it very easy to carry to the campsite with you.

Features Include

  • Six-leg design makes it more stable
  • Sturdy construction holds even heavier people
  • Taller profile for more comfortable use
  • Weighs just four pounds

Biobag Folding Toilet Review

Advantages of these Portable Camping Toilets

One thing users really like about the Biobag Toilets is that they’re easy to use. Though they aren’t quite as simple to set up as some other folding toilets, they’re easier to use than flushable toilets. This toilet is also versatile, since it can be used without a bag for water-based weight and with a bag for solid waste. The Biobags are convenient, but the toilet can also be set up with regular trash bags if necessary.

  • Easy to use – especially easier than flushable portable toilets
  • Versatile
  • Can be used with Biobags or other options

Is the Biobag Toilet Right for You?

If you’re looking for a simple to use toilet for your camping needs and don’t want to mess with a flushable option, the Biobag Portable Toilet is perfect. It’s sturdier and more comfortable than other options simply because it’s taller and features a six-leg design. When you want an affordable toilet that will last through many camping trips, the Biobag is a fantastic option.

Best Price & Availability

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Biobag Folding Toilet Sale

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