Rothco Folding Toilet

Rothco Folding Toilet

If you want an ultimately simple but comfortable solution for a camping toilet, the Rothco Folding Toilet is it. This is one of the portable camping toilets that doesn’t flush or have any major features, other than to be sturdy and simple to use. It’s not going to keep the smell out of your campground, but it can provide you with a comfortable place to use the restroom, particularly when paired with a camping toilet tent to give you extra shielding from the world. Here’s what you need to know about the Rothco Folding Toilet.

Features of the Rothco Folding Toilet

The major feature of the Rothco Folding Toilet is its heavy-duty frame. You wouldn’t think a folding toilet would be able to hold much weight, especially when you look at the simple design of this toilet. However, it’s actually quite steady and can hold adults of all sizes and weights. The toilet also features a plastic molded seat that’s larger than most and quite comfortable, again, for adults of all sizes.

The Features Include

  • Heavy duty frame
  • High weight limit makes this useful for a variety of people
  • Molded plastic toilet is comfortable and heavy duty

Rothco Folding Toilet Review

Pros and Cons of These Portable Camping Toilets

One thing reviewers really like about the Rothco Folding Toilet is how simple it is to use. There’s no set up involved, other than folding it out and attaching the bags. Those who prefer to carry out their waste also like this toilet because the attached bags make it very easy to do so. Another thing people like about this toilet is that it offers options. Some people use disposable waste bags, and others use the toilet over buckets. Still others dig a hole and place the toilet over it. Though the bags are the “environmentally-friendly preferred” method – any option ultimately works, which is nice for different campers.

The Pros

  • No real set-up involved makes this super simple to use
  • Waste can be carried out with attached bags
  • Offers options for using it in the wilderness or at the campground

The Cons

  • The bags that come with the Rothco Folding Toilet may not be the sturdiest out there, and they don’t hold water. However, you can always replace the bags with a five-gallon bucket or sturdier waste bags and a water-gelling system, which is easy to use, as well.

Is the Rothco Folding Toilet the Best Choice for You?

The Rothco Folding Toilet is great for those who want to rough it without having to squat to go. It’s much simpler and lighter weight than flushing portable toilets, but it’s also effective for what it’s for. It lasts a long time and is very surprisingly sturdy, considering how flimsy it looks. If you want an affordable, effective solution for a campground or wilderness bathroom, this might just be what you’re looking for.

Availability & Best Price

Portable camping toilets can be tough to find at local retail stores to say the least. Though you may find a limited selection of folding toilets at stores specializing in outdoor camping equipment, you are obviously going to find the best availability (and best price) on all the best camping toilets when you do your shopping online.

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