Stansport Folding Toilet

Stansport Folding Toilet

As far as portable camping toilets go, the Stansport Folding Toilet is one of the most low-tech on the market. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though. In fact, it could be nice if what you want is a simple to use camping toilet for when you’re on the go. It still allows you to have a place to go comfortably, and it also allows you to dispose of your waste properly. This non-flushing toilet is totally no-frills, so it’s a good value and doesn’t have lots of moving parts that might break on you. Here are some other things to know about the Stansport Folding Toilet.

Features of the Stansport Folding Toilet

The Stansport Folding Toilet is the ultimate for ease of use, but it’s also made of high-quality materials that are meant to last. If you’re looking for something simple, this toilet is it. It features a plastic molded seat that’s comfortable and fairly large as well as heavy steel construction that can hold up under quite a bit of weight.

  • Folds into a compact shape
  • Plastic ring holds bags in place for easy cleanup
  • Heavy duty construction

Stansport Folding Toilet Review

Pros and Cons of the Stansport Folding Toilet

Unlike many portable camping toilets, the Stansport Folding Toilet doesn’t flush. This also means, though, that it doesn’t hold extra water or have lots of parts that can break or be confusing to assemble. Just fold it out, and go. Here are some of the major pros and cons of this product.


  • Legs snap into place so you know when you’re ready to go
  • Heavy duty construction can support even heavier users
  • Can be used with or without the attachable plastic bags, depending on the situation
  • Seat snaps into place securely, but it also is easy to fold up


  • This toilet doesn’t flush or have an attached bucket. It’s still super easy to use, though, so for your money, you’re getting a good product that will last for a long time.

Is The Stansport Folding Camping Toilet for You?

The Stansport Folding Toilet is great because it’s so versatile. Place it over a bucket, a hole you just dug, or one of the attachable bags, and you can go anywhere. Getting rid of your waste safely is easy if you use disposable camping toilet bags, some of which come with the toilet and some of which you can buy separately. This is a great low-tech option if you don’t want to spend a lot of money but still want a portable camping toilet that makes doing-your-business in the woods more comfortable.

Best Price and Availability

A limited selection of portable camping toilets can usually be found at local sporting goods stores that specialize in camping and boating. You will obviously find the widest selection of camping toilets (as well as the best price) when you do your shopping online – and the StanSport folding toilet is no exception. Click here and take advantage of today’s best deal now!

Stansport Folding Toilet Sale

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