The Pett Folding Toilet

The Pett Folding Toilet

The Pett Folding Toilet is used by many professional organizations, including the Forest and Park Services nationwide. This toilet is constructed of high-grade polymers that are resistant to UV damage and can hold up to five hundred pounds. It works with a WAG Bag Kit and Pooh Powder, which gels up liquids, gets rid of odors, and helps speed decay. The toilet is the same height and size as the average toilet in your home or apartment, but it folds up to be the size of a briefcase for easy carrying.

Features of the Pett Folding Toilet

The Pett Toilet features a sturdy build out of UV resistant, injection molded, high impact polymers that support up to five hundred pounds, so this toilet will definitely stand the test of time. It’s as tall and large as your average toilet in a home, but it weighs just seven pounds and folds down to the size of a briefcase. It also has a fold-down lid that can help contain smells and make it look nicer when not in use.

Features Include:

  • Sturdy polymer construction supports up to five hundred pounds
  • Tall and large as an average toilet
  • Weighs seven pounds and folds to the size of a briefcase
  • Fold-down lid contain smells

The Pett Folding Toilet Review

Pros and Cons of these Portable Camping Toilets

According to reviewers, the Pett Folding Toilet is high quality and sturdy. The three-leg design makes it stable even on uneven ground, and it’s easy to pack down and set up. The Wag Bag kit is convenient to use, as well, and makes you feel good about disposing of waste in a biodegradable manner.


  • Sturdy and stable on uneven ground
  • Easy to pack and set up
  • Wag Bag kit works well
  • Allows for eco-friendly waste disposal


  • According to one review, the legs are a little hard to fold down at first because the plastic is so rigid, but once you’ve worked them a few times, they should fold down easily.
  • Another reviewer says that the toilet is a little lower than theirs at home. Though it’s the height of the average toilet, it may vary a little from yours at home. Chances are that it will still be substantially taller than most bucket and folding toilets.

Is the Pett the Perfect Option for You?

The Pett Portable Toilet is a great option for someone who wants to invest in a heavy-duty folding toilet that will last for ages and can be used easily with a Wag Bag kit. If you’re looking for something that will lock in smells or flush, you should check out flushable portable toilets, instead.

Get the Best Availability and Price

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The Pett Folding Toilet Sale

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