Century 6205 Portable Flush Toilet

Century 6205 Portable Flush Toilet

The Century 6205 Portable Flush Toilet is a great option for emergency situations when you don’t have running water or just for the campground or primitive cabin vacation. Things won’t feel so primitive with this toilet, which actually flushes and which holds waste until you’re ready to dump it. This toilet locks away leaks and smells for a more civilized way to use the restroom when you’re away from real plumbing. Here’s what you need to know about the Century 6205 Portable Flush Toilet.

Features of the Century 6205 Portable Flush Toilet

Of course, the major feature of these portable camping toilets is that they flush. These toilets use clean water to rinse the toilet bowl, and the flushing action looks a lot like your toilet at home. The toilets are made from a matte finish plastic that hides scratches, so this unit keeps looking new no matter how long you use it. Besides this, the toilet comes with toilet bowl cleaner and tank deodorizer that you can try out on your first trip with this unit.

Features Include:

  • Flushable toilet works with fresh water to keep bowl clean
  • Matte finish hides scratches
  • Comes with bowl cleaner and tank deodorizer to try

Century 6205 Portable Flush Toilet Review

Pros and Cons of the Century 6205 Portable Flush Toilet

One thing reviewers love about the Century 6205 Portable Flush Toilet is that it has a full sized toilet seat and lid, which makes it more comfortable than some smaller portable toilet models. Also, the toilet holds 2.8 gallons of waste water. This is a good size because it holds lots of waste, but is still easy to transport when it’s time to dump. Something else users like is the way this toilet seals in smells, so your campground doesn’t need to reek of waste.


  • Full sized toilet seat and lid is more comfortable
  • Holds 2.8 gallons of waste water – not too much or too little
  • Seals in smells for a more pleasant experience


  • According to some reviewers, it may be difficult to get a perfect seal on this toilet. However, it’s recommended to try the seal at home to make sure you are locking the tanks together correctly, as most users have no problem with sealing the unit.

Is the Century 6205 the Portable Camping Toilet for You?

The Century 6205 Portable Flush Toilet is more affordable than many of the alternative options on the market, but it’s still a great option because of its high quality build and many features. This toilet will work for campgrounds or in any primitive situation where you don’t have real plumbing. Just make sure you can get to plumbing often enough to dump this toilet when necessary, and you’ll be just fine. If you want a more affordable, less fussy option, foldable toilet seats may be more what you’re looking for.

Availability & Best Price

Very few local retail stores carry much of a selection of portable camping toilets, and finding the Century 6205 stocked locally is going to be difficult. You’ll find the best availability and get the best price on this portable flush toilet when you buy online. Just click here to get today’s best online price now and save today!

Century 6205 Portable Flush Toilet Sale

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