Coleman Portable Flush Toilet

Coleman Portable Flush Toilet

The Coleman Portable Flush Toilet comes in two sizes. The regular size has a 10.6 liter waste tank, and the large size has an eighteen liter waste tank. These are great for longer camping trips, and can even be used by hunters and fishermen looking for a way to dispose of their waste safely and in an eco-friendly way. This is a hard flushing toilet, which is great because the actual bowl gets clean. On the other hand, it can sometimes cause just a bit of splash, so keep that in mind.

Features of the Coleman Portable Flush Toilet

Among portable camping toilets, the Coleman Portable Flush Toilet is one of the largest. The seat is larger than most port-a-potties, and the tank is large enough to hold a couple of days’ worth of waste for a small group of people.

More Note-worthy Features:

  • Hose connector makes for easy cleaning
  • Built-in storage for a chemical bottle allows for easy cleaning
  • Elongated seat makes for more comfortable feel

Coleman Portable Flush Toilet Review

Pros and Cons of the Coleman Portable Flush Toilet

One of the main advantages to the Coleman Portable Flush Toilet is its size. The tank is larger than most portable camping toilets, and the elongated seat is more comfortable.

Other Pros:

  • Leak-free design keeps all the water – clean and dirty – where it should be
  • Easy to flush with one hand, unlike some other portable toilet designs
  • Easy to clean with a hose
  • Easy to disassemble for dumping out waste and to reassemble afterwards
  • Two size options allow you to get exactly what you want


  • Some users have reported problems with getting a seal between the sections of the toilet, but this is easily fixed if you just pay careful attention when putting them together. You should see them lock together to know that the seal is there.
  • Almost five gallons of waste is actually quite heavy. This isn’t a problem as much as a precaution – just make sure whoever has to empty the toilet can easily handle the weight. Otherwise, try not to let it fill all the way up!

Who Should Buy a Coleman Portable Flush Toilet?

This is a great option for campers, boaters, and others who want to disconnect from civilization for a couple of days at a time. Although it may take some getting used to as far as putting it together and taking it apart, it does seem to work quite well for its purpose. If you want a larger style portable toilet for camping, the Coleman Portable Flush Toilet is certainly an option worth checking out.

Best Price and Availability

Coleman camping toilets are not often carried at local retail stores. You will obviously get the best availability (as well as the best price!) when you purchase online – and the Coleman portable flush toilet is no exception. Click here and take advantage of today’s best deal now!

Coleman Portable Flush Toilet Sale

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