Reliance Portable Flush Toilet

Reliance Portable Flush Toilet

The Reliance Portable Flush Toilet is one of the most affordable flushing camping toilets on the market today, and it has a few features that set it apart from other, similar products. Before you choose a flushing toilet for your next camping trip, see what others have to say about these portable camping toilets. Here’s what you need to know about the features and pros and cons of this toilet by Reliance, a well-known name brand for outdoor sanitation products.

Features of the Reliance Portable Flush Toilet

One of the main features of the Reliance Portable Flush Toilet is that it has a 3.2 gallon fresh water tank and a 4 gallon holding tank. But, what really sets this model apart from the others, is that it can also be used with disposable camping toilet waste bags, like the the Double Doodie bag by Reliance, to make cleanup even easier, which is great since cleaning these toilets is never a fun chore! Besides this, it features a pump style flush and side clamps that secure the pieces of the toilet together tightly.

Features Include:

  • 3.2 gallon fresh water tank and 4 gallon holding tank
  • Compatible with Double Doodie bags for easier cleanup
  • Pump style flush
  • Clamps keep pieces securely together

Reliance Portable Flush Toilet Review

What Reviewers Say About This Portable Camping Toilet

One thing that reviewers say about this flush toilet is that it’s definitely easier to clean and empty than similar portable flush toilet models as long as you use the bags. The toilet is also a nice size and it quite large enough for even larger groups of campers. It’s a good balance, though, as customers say that it’s still easy to lift when full, which is important for when it comes time to clean out the toilet.


  • Easier to clean if you use the bags
  • Larger size is good for camping groups
  • Easy to lift when full


Several customers report quality problems with this toilet, such as leakage around the pump. However, Reliance is known for its excellent customer service, and these problems are often fixable.

Is This The Portable Toilet For Your Needs?

The Reliance Portable Flush Toilet isn’t one of the highest quality or best functioning portable camping toilets on the market, but it’s also one of the best values because it’s much more affordable than many similar options. This toilet is a great option for a larger group if you don’t need to use it too much, but if you need a higher quality option that will last for years, you may be better off paying more for a more reliable product.

Best Price & Availability

While you might look for these products at your local camping good store, you aren’t likely to find them there. Instead, look online, where they’re always easy to find and where you’ll get the best price nine times out of ten! Learn where to get the best price on these Reliance toilets here.

Reliance Portable Flush Toilet Best Price

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