Southbend 18 Liter Portable Flush Toilet

Southbend 18 Liter Portable Flush Toilet

The Southbend 18 Liter Portable Flush Toilet is a great option for the campground, the beach, or wherever you need to go without public or private facilities. This toilet actually flushes, making for a more sanitary and less smelly option than simple bucket style portable camping toilets. These toilets have several features that set them apart from the rest, and they’re a good size to be used wherever you are. Here’s what you need to know about these camping toilets.

Features of the Southbend 18 Liter Portable Flush Toilet

One thing that’s nice about the Southbend 18 Liter Portable Flush Toilet is its size. It holds 3.7 gallons of fresh water and has a 6.3 gallon holding tank for wastewater. This is a good size because it doesn’t get too heavy to empty, but it also allows you several uses before the toilet needs to be emptied. The toilet also features tank level indicators for both tanks so you know when to empty or refill the toilet. Besides this, the toilet works with a piston type flush, which is replaceable, making this an affordable option over the long run.

Features Include:

  • 3.7 fresh water tank and 6.3 gallon holding tank is a good, maintainable size
  • Tank level indicators let you know when to fill or empty tanks
  • Piston type flush is replaceable for more cost-effectiveness over time

Southbend 18 Liter Portable Flush Toilet Review

Pros and Cons of These Portable Camping Toilets

The Southbend 18 Liter Portable Flush Toilet is nice because it seals tightly, locking out mess and smells so you don’t have to worry about the toilet becoming offensive. Also, the toilet features a two direction rinse, so your toilet bowl gets cleaner with every flush. Besides this, there is a detachable pour spout and a vent on the holding tank that makes it easier to dump the contents of this toilet whenever it becomes full.


  • Seals tightly to lock out smells and splashing
  • Two direction rinse gets the toilet bowl cleaner
  • Detachable pours spout and vent on holding tank makes it easy to dump


  • One reviewer notes that the seat on this toilet is a little small. However, you do need to keep in mind that you aren’t getting a full-sized toilet here, but a convenient, simple option when you need a portable toilet at the campground or elsewhere.

Is the Southbend 18 Liter Portable Flush Toilet for You?

The Southbend 18 Liter Portable Flush Toilet is a nice, simple option for those who are lacking plumbing in a backwoods site or who go camping frequently. These toilets stay smell-free more easily than bucket style toilets, which makes them nice for dressing up your campground a bit. Pair a portable toilet with a toilet privacy tent, and you’re good to go for your entire camping trip.

Best Price & Availability

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Southbend 18 Liter Portable Flush Toilet Sale

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